Working With The FBI’s Finest


The Halle Barry Group was created for the express purpose of helping its member companies co-market their experience, service and expertise to the community.  This group is composed of primarily retired FBI Special Agents who specialize in investigations that encompass litigation support and advice to lawyers, white collar crime, EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity), employee misconduct, theft cases and insurance fraud. The group also conducts surveillance and provides protection on a limited basis. Other services include electronic detection of hidden recording devices (industrial sabotage and domestic relations matters), surreptitious camera installations in theft cases, and employer/employee labor problems and how to manage them.




Additionally, the group is associated with:

  • A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) /Certified Fraud Examiner, who is experienced in identifying embezzlements, detecting fraud and fraud prevention.
  • A Computer/IT Services Organization specializing in corporate networking, internet security and computer fraud.
  • A Public Relations Firm that assists companies with media problems situations which adversely affect the reputation of a business if not professionally counseled.
  • An Internet Technology Services company that moves the member companies forward using proven, leading edge technologies to accomplish their business.


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